get to know me.


My life.


Hi! My name is Alyssa (Aleesa) Ence.  I am the photographer/owner of Alyssa Ence Photography. First off I will tell  you a little bit about me and my personal life. I am a wife to the most handsome and thoughtful husband and the mother of the two sweetest boys. We reside in Southern Utah and I am so blessed to call the red rock and desert my home. I am an easy-going person that loves to cuddle up at home watching a  good movie and also love a night out having a rockin' time out on the lake. I love myself a good steak and potatoes and have started to just love baking.. (only bake for my family, i'm not that good yet haha!) If I wasn't a full time photographer and mom, I would squeeze interior design in there somewhere. Well, that's little bit about me! Scroll below to see how I got into this beautiful career. 


my passion.


Photography. Wow, how it has expanded in the last 5 years! I always get asked, so how long have you been doing photography and where did you start. Well it was quite the journey, but I've loved learning and growing with every bit of my story. 

I moved to St. George in High School and I came from a small school that didn't offer as many elective classes. I was so excited when I saw "Film Photography" classes were being offered at my new school. I absoutely loved that class! I loved learning the basics of photography and also learning film and getting to know a camera. After that I then moved back to my small town and realized they offered college photography classes. I took one and learned how to process and develop my own film. It was so fun seeing my work come to life before my eyes in the dark room. After that I knew I wanted photography to be a big part of my life. I went to Southern Utah University and studied Communications and Photography. I then landed a job with Life Touch Photography and learned how to take studio portraits and learn how to set up studio lighting. After that I realized my passion was outdoor photography and I worked part time jobs and did any sort of photography session anyone would hire me for until I finally felt like I could do photography full time. It was a long journey but I couldn't be more happy with where I am today.  I would have never imagined my business as successful and be able to capture so many beautiful moments for incredible clients. 


what sets me apart?                                 

There are thousands of photographers here in Utah, why would you choose me? I have been doing photography as a Professional now for over 5 years. I have over 100 weddings under my belt and I have so much experience with the ups and downs of weddings. I have seen terrible lighting situations, dealt with emotional brides/family members, I have been a wedding planner when there  isn't one, and I have been there to tell you it'll all be perfect- and it always is. 


So what does that mean?


I  have LOTS OF EXPERIENCE. You are in good hands my dear. You have one less thing to worry about for your wedding day. I will be there every step of the way. From when you book, to your engagements, formals, until  you get your final wedding photos.  I will be there and know exactly what to do to make your wedding experience successful and I give you the experience you are looking for for your wedding. 


I have education behind the camera.


With technology it's so easy to pick up a nice camera and call yourself a professional photographer. Don't be fooled, it's not that easy! Don't tell a photographer their work is beautiful, they must have a nice camera. It's like telling a chef his food is delicious, he must have amazing cook wear. Yes, it helps, yes we couldn't create our masterpieces without it, but the person behind the lens is the person making all the decisions and  has to still know what they are doing. It's MY job to deal with lighting situations, direct your crowd, and tell you where to stand to get amazing photos at your wedding. I also am there to get the candid photos and not interrupt your special moments of your day, but make sure I still get those timeless captured photos.


Don't make the mistake of not hiring a professional for your wedding day. The only thing you can keep from your wedding is your photos. Make sure they are timeless and represent your big day as perfect as it felt.


Can't wait to work with you!